Alien Frens Gitbook

What are Invasions?

Invasions are our way of giving back to our community
Throughout each quarter we will invade different planets and galaxies! When we drop down on a planet we pick up HUGE prizes! Our one of a kind system we've created reads your wallet when you enter, checking for how many frens you have, and which faction they are in and then randomly chooses winners from thousands of entries!
With this system we ensure that all frens have an equal chance to win and receive various prizes, whitelists, experiences, NFTs, and much more.
Currently, you'll earn an entry per each faction you own, meaning if you own 2 Xenos, you'll get one entry in the Xenos category. The rates for each faction will vary depending on how many frens join each invasion, however there are better odds for holding different factions:
Factions Quantity
As you can see above, holding an Olu will yield a higher chance of winning an invasion when compared with all the other factions. Alien Frens Evolution also have entries into invasions, with them having one faction where all AFE's enter. The same rules apply here, you receive one entry to the AFE faction regardless of how many are owned.
Here are a couple of our previous invasions and their prize pools:
Celery Galaxy Invasion - Over $250k in prizes
Gas Station Planet Invasion - Over $100k in prizes
Planet goonz invasion - custom NFTs and Ledgers as prizes