Why Alien Frens?

Owning an Alien Fren is much more than just owning a PFP!
Bunch of Aliens at Frens Fest: Los Angeles
Alien Frens is accessible and welcoming to all! While we're building the largest group of frens in the universe, we're passionately driven to provide our holders with community, value, and frenship.


Owning an Alien Fren is an entrance to one of the most visible and active digital collectible communities in the world. Community is everything for us, so we strive to bring out the best in our community by supporting community-led Twitter spaces, connecting frens with frens, and helping to further the passions and interests of each another!
We put the community first - listening to the feedback of our holders and acting in their best interests.


It's important to provide our community with value. Since December 2021, we've given back over $2,000,000 in physical goods and digital collectible prizes to our community via raffles, activities, giveaways, and marketplace.
We Gave away a Freakin' Tesla
We've also provide our community with numerous whitelist opportunities to upcoming digital collectible projects. Some notable whitelist spots include:
  • a KID called BEAST
  • Ghost Boy Lives
  • The Possessed
  • Cool Pets
  • Quirkies
  • And many more!


We're better together, and that's why Alien Frens promote frenships across web3 and IRL!
Holding an Alien Fren grants FREE access to all of our events. Everywhere we go, we're bringing frens together to hang out and have fun in both small and large settings.
Here are snapshots from past get togethers and events:
First Community-Organized Alien Frens Meet - Los Angeles, CA
First Official Alien Frens Event - Los Angeles, CA
Alien Frens Las Vegas Games - Hyper-X Arena - Las Vegas, NV
FreNYC - New York, NY
Frens Fest - Los Angeles, CA
Alien Frens London Meet - London, UK
Frensgiving with the DOOMS - Fairfield, CA
Alien Frens Miami Meet - Miami, FL