Alien Frens Gitbook

Why alien frens?

Owning an Alien Fren or an Alien Fren Evolution is much more than just owning a PFP!
Owning an Alien Fren gets you access to a whole community and network of frens, with different backgrounds, specialties, interests and much more! Community is everything for us, so we've strived to bring out the best in our community by having community led spaces almost every day, helping our community members further their passions and interests, whether it be facilitating a space for them to share their hobbies, or helping them find partners to set off on an entrepreneurial adventure!
Alien Frens seeks to put the community first, listening to the feedback of our holders and acting in their best interest. Since our launch, we've given back over $2,000,000 in prizes to our community via our invasions, giveaways on twitter, free clothing, community game nights, and so much more.
With Alien Frens you also receive the opportunity to get whitelisted in many of the major projects that come out to the scene! Here are a couple of whitelist opportunities our holders were able to secure:
  • Psssd
  • Cool Pets
  • Quirkies
  • Figuregot
  • Oddstronauts
  • Boki
  • 3Landers
  • Cryptobatz
  • Wonderpals
  • And many more!
Holding an Alien Fren also means free access to our IRL events, which happen 3-4 times a year around the world! We had one in Los Angeles in March 2022 and will have another in NYC in June 2022!
LA Event Recap Video