🧪 Alien Frens Incubators

Evolving frens
During the Great Fren War, the OG Alien Frens were overwhelmed by the Frenemies, and they needed a way to win the fight. While exploring a new planet (Earth) they stumbled upon an incubator room where they were able to create Alien Frens Evolutions (AFE)... So they returned to Planet Fren, created the AFEs, and defeated the Frenemies!
During peacetime, the OGs would often talk about their many adventures on Earth, where they discovered celery and made many frens.
After hearing these stories, a curious group of AFEs sought permission to take a UFO and return to Earth. Since the OGs were busy building something great for themselves on Planet Fren, they approved their request - and off the AFEs went!
While travelling back to Earth, the AFEs discovered a stash of left over incubators in the ship. They tested them out, but since the incubators were meant to be used by OGs, the results were different.
The AFEs found a new way to make frens and partnerships on Earth with the incubators, and once they landed they set out to do just that!


The incubator collectibles are ERC-1155 NFTs and burnable.
💡"Burning" an NFT is the process of removing a collectible from circulation. With Alien Frens, when you burn an incubator you are rewarded with something new. More on that later!
In April 2022, incubators were airdropped to Alien Fren holders at a 1 for 1 ratio.
Incubators were burned by holders to create unique AFEs until December 31, 2022. To burn an incubator, holders simply connected their wallet to our website and clicked a button called "Incubate" 🔥 But not all incubators were burned...
Incubator Burn Page

Future Utility

On March 31, 2023, frens who decided to hold their incubators without burning them will have 5 new burning mechanic options to choose from!
One future burning mechanic is an AFE mutation 💉🦠👽
Mutant Fren
4744 incubators remain... what will all the new burning mechanics be and what will you choose?!

Purchasing Incubators

You can purchase Alien Frens Incubators via your favorite NFT marketplace, such as OpenSea:
📣 Always look for the verified blue checkmark on OpenSea.