What is an Incubator?

A new fren and something else...
Incubators were airdropped to Alien Fren Holders during the release of Alien Frens Evolution, our companion collection. Frens stumbled upon an incubator room when exploring a new planet.

What can I use my incubator for?

Incubators can be burned to receive a new Alien Fren Evolution, or be held for a future, undisclosed use! When burning an incubator, you will mint a new, randomly generated AFE. The fren you'll receive is not tied to an incubator, it will be the next fren in the sequence.

Future use?

Incubators will have an undisclosed future use which we will share as we are closer to the use. Before this use is announced, you will have a pre-determined set of time to burn your incubator for an AFE for the last time.