What are Alien Frens?

Enter the Frenzone
OG Alien Frens Traits
Alien Frens are 10,000 digital art collectibles that people can buy, sell, and trade.
They were created randomly – so each one is unique – and they’re permanently stored on the Ethereum blockchain.
We publicly launched on December 20, 2021..
📣 Our mission is to build the biggest group of frens in the universe!
Owning an Alien Fren grants you lifelong access to an exclusive frenship filled with perks! This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Online groups and networks
  • IRL events and experiences
  • Clothing, merchandise, and IP products
  • Fren Coin, which is usable in the Frens Marketplace
We listen to holders, incorporate feedback from our community, and build with one another to provide as much ongoing value as possible.

What are Factions?

The 4 OG Factions
The original (OG) Alien Frens are divided into 4 factions:
  • Green = Xenos (ZEE-nos)
  • Yellow = Femi (FEH-me)
  • Purple = Lochias (LO-key-us)
  • Red = OLU (OLU)
Out of the 10,000 piece collection, there are also extremely rare Alien Frens, such as the 30 Blobs, 40 Zombies and 6 1/1s. You can check official rarities on the Alien Frens rarity.tools page.
🖖 Did you know Alien Frens Evolutions are actually the 5th faction? More on that later!