Alien Frens Gitbook

Meet the Team

Helping us all get back to Planet Fren 🛸

Mason Crowe - Artist / Creator / Leader

Mason is an artist based in Costa Mesa, CA. Originally from Cincinnati, OH, Mason birthed the idea of Alien Frens and his vision is to create the biggest group of frens in the universe.
"I want everyone to be real with one another." Mason has always put Alien Fren holders first and will go to extremes to make sure all holders are heard.
Mason's Alien Frens Evolution (AFE)

Justin Brown a.k.a. Pape - Marketing / Operations

Pape is a co-founder of Alien Frens and based in Ohio. He is the lead marketer and operations manager with oversight for all Alien Fren products, events, music, social media, Intellectual Property (IP), and many other things.
Pape's AFE

Gabriel Montané a.k.a. Monti - Community Manager

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Monti is the Alien Frens Community Manager. He oversees our 39,000+ member Discord and moderator teams, and is in charge of project partnerships, community engagement, and marketplace administration.
Monti's AFE

Sean Herron a.k.a. Sean.Ohio - Strategic Partnerships

Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Sean has spent a lifetime disrupting industries, building brands, and strengthening teams. Sean provides brand and strategy consultation and is in charge of IRL partnerships. His goal is to help all frens reach their entrepreneurial dreams.

Glenn Lee Robinson a.k.a. GLR - Communications

GLR is based in Northern California and has over a decade of experience in public speaking, training, and professional photography. He facilitates clear internal and external communications for Alien Frens and selects community-sourced photographs for promotion.
GLR's Alien Fren